DicksByMail.com (Dicks By Mail) Review Updated For 2018

Update For Our DicksByMail Review For 2018

It's 2/6/2018, and these asshats at DicksByMail.com are still at it. Still trying to use Google ads as a means to disparage BagOfDicks.com. Sorry not sorry, they're not original, nor inventive, they're just a few shmucks selling gummy dicks that are lazily thrown in a bag. Pretty sad that they're clearly jealous and threatened by the Actual Original Bag Of Dicks Company. That's alright though, I heard from someone recently that they're getting taken to court soon over something else they have done, to a much larger company. 

Below is our original post about DBM from last year...

We’d like to address an issue that we’ve been dealing for some time now, something that some of our customers have been bringing to our attention in concerned emails as well as social media messages to us.

For months now, one of our “competitors”, DicksByMail.com, has been referring to BagOfDicks.com as a “scam”, “fraud”, “copycat website” and other untrue statements in ad copy within their Google Ads. This is untrue, illegal, and it is libel. We’re are in the process of taking legal action against them for this. Only recently were we able to determine who the holding company for DicksByMail.com is.

They have even gone so far as to warn consumers to “Not Get Ripped Off” by BagOfDicks.com in Google Ads which only appear when someone is searching Google specifically for BagOfDicks.com. This would be the same thing as BurgerKing placing sings in front McDonalds warning consumers to not get ripped off by eating there. Competition is one thing, but purposely misleading consumers with lies about a business is entirely different.

What they have been trying to do is cause harm to our business by making these false claims, specifically when consumers are searching for our website BagOfDicks.com. So let’s get the facts right, and set the record straight.

FACT: BagOfDicks.com was first established in 2013.

Secondly, the domain BagOfDicks.com was originally registered in 2001, and a website has been established on the domain in some form dating all the way back to 2001. Prior to shipping candy dicks in the same way we do now, as an elaborate prank that includes a singing bag of dicks, we allowed people to send messages and even mail with our BagOfDicks tagline and logo.

In 2001, the original founder of DicksByMail.com was presumably a pre-teen living in Canada, as he claims to be 28 or 30 years old today.

FACT: DicksByMail launched in 2015.

How DicksByMail came up with their business model, we do not know, nor do we know if it was inspired by BagOfDicks.com as some people have speculated. We are responsible and professional business people, so we’re not going to commit libel by stating anything that we do not know for certain, and frankly it doesn’t matter, our companies respective products are very different.

What we can say for sure, is that what we do here, and the products at BagOfDicks.com, including our SMS / Emoji Bag Of Dicks Service, are completely unique. DicksByMail, ShipABagOfDicks.com, RuinDays.com and a bunch of other similar websites, sell gummy dicks in a bag with a note. They will also sometimes include glitter for an additional charge.

FACT: BagOfDicks.com sells a very elaborate prank, that is completely unique, quite complicated, and it is priced at or below the cost of everything else being offered by those other guys. We’re not making a lot of money off of these things, we’re doing this to help people laugh and have a good time. That has always been our focus. At no point have we ever sold gummy dicks in a bag. There is no way to possibly confuse what it is we do, with what these other sites offer. Nor is it possible to confuse our website URL BagOfDicks.com, with DicksByMail.com.

It sucks that DicksByMail is so threatened by our company that they are resorting to LIBEL in Google ads, specifically when consumers are searching for our website in an effort to cause harm to our company, but we are going to handle that with aggressive legal action very soon.

We would prefer to not have to publish something like this, because it is a waste of our time and energy, but after receiving literally over 100 emails and messages on social media, often from customers who think what DicksByMail is doing is messed up, we feel like we have no choice but to publicly address it.

Below are examples of DicksByMail ads within Google, which have also been archived by other ad tracking services, which further substantiates our claims, as well as the domain registration records providing proof of everything we’re claiming in this blog post.

In closing, no worries about any of this, we’re handling it, and in the end we are confident that we will be victorious in our legal efforts to prevent DicksByMail from continuing to operate in such an illegal and unethical manner. Our products and services rock, we have had nothing but positive feedback from all of our customers, and we’re not going to allow unethical companies like DicksByMail inflict harm to our brand any longer. We appreciate all the love and support we have received in social media and via email, so thanks again!!



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