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The Bag of Dicks


The Bag of Dicks in a Box


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For just $20 shipped within the USA, you can send a glorious bag of dicks to a friend, family member, co-worker, your neighbor or whoever you want! Even if you want to send a BOD to a celebrity or political figure we’ll make it happen.

Not only is our package amazing, but it’s the only Bag Of Dicks that sings to you!

Wondering what a singing bag of dicks looks like, well check out the video below!

Talk about a double-sided deal!! Not only are our dicks delicious edible, but our Bag Of Dicks jingle will get locked into the back of your recipients subconscious for eternity! Once they hear the "Bag Of Dicks" Jingle they won't ever be able to forget it! We hired two MIT scientists and a Grammy award winning song writer to collaborate on our "Bag of Dicks Jingle". Then we found an amazing vocalist who has just the most perfectly awful voice to sing it. The end result is a fifteen second "dickie" that once it passes into your brain, it stays there forever!!

Trust us, nothing will surprise and delight the recipient of your bag of dicks (and anyone within 20 feet) more than not only getting the surprise of a literal bag of dicks with a personalized note in the mail, but when they hear the jingle, they're guaranteed to have an eargasm!

Seriously what are you waiting for? You could order an underwhelming ordinary bag of dicks from one of our flaccid competitors for the same price, or you could quit dicking around and get on this deal now before we’re consumed with orders.

Have questions or requests, please email us before you order. Once an order is received your Bag Of Dicks will be flying through the air within 3 to 5 business days on route to its new home. Because of the popularity and the complexity of our exclusive (patent pending) Bag Of Dicks, we currently can not do overnight or express shipping.

Individuals who receive their Bag of Dicks and post a video of it on social media are automatically entered into our monthly contest where we give away 5 FREE Bags Of Dicks to anyone they like, and a $300 Gift Card to Dicks Sporting Goods.

You can also opt for a $300 Cash Gift Card.

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