About BagOfDicks.com™

We're the original creators of the Bag Of Dicks, not to be confused with any other bags, sacks or bushels of dicks being offered out there by our flimsy competitors. The point of this website and service is to make people laugh. If your intention is to use our service to harass someone or be a jerk, then please go somewhere else. It's perfectly fine if you want to send someone a Bag Of Dicks anonymously, just as long as you're not being abusive or harassing to anyone. 

We are universally recognized as the real innovators within the incredibly important industry of phallic-inspired pranks and snacks. Our Dicknology is second to none, meaning naturally, that we're bigger and better. 

Regardless if it is our Singing Bag Of Dicks, the Basic Bag Of Dicks, or even our Evil Bag Of Dicks, when you need to tell that special someone to "Eat A Bag Of Dicks", there's no better place to go. If you're going to spend money sending someone dicks, why not go with the very best and widest variety of bag of dicks pranks available?

Our dicks are not only edible and delicious, but they're entertaining!