Singing Bag Of Dicks

Singing Bag Of Dicks

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For $19.99 you can anonymously send a total Mind-F%#@ of a prank! It’s a singing bag of dicks! Sent in a package that tricks the recipient into thinking that they’re getting some kind of a fancy gift. Instead of a fancy gift, inside there’s a singing bag of candy dicks from the original Bag Of Dicks! It's The Best Prank Or Gag Gift Ever!!

We are the pioneers of sending candy dicks in the mail anonymously. 

Only shipping within the United States, Canada & UK. This is 100% anonymous. No one will ever know you sent the bag of dicks, unless you tell them yourself!

Update: We are no longer accepting orders that go to President Trump @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Sorry, but we've been "warned" about doing so... 

Check Out Our Hilarious Demo Video Below

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