Singing Bag Of Dicks - Candy Dicks

Singing Bag Of Dicks - Candy Dicks

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We are the pioneers of sending a Singing Bag Of Candy Dicks in the mail anonymously. 

For $19.99 you can anonymously send a total Mind-F%#@ of a prank! It’s a singing bag of dicks! Sent in a package that tricks the recipient into thinking that they’re getting some kind of a fancy gift. Instead of a fancy gift, inside there’s a singing bag of candy dicks from the original Bag Of Dicks! It's The Best Prank Or Gag Gift Ever!!

Shipping within the United States, Canada & UK. This is 100% anonymous. No one will ever know you sent the bag of dicks, unless you tell them yourself!

Check Out Our Hilarious Demo Video Below

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