Privacy Policy

Your identity is protected. Rest assured we will not tell the lucky person who received a product from who sent it unless you give us permission or unless we are compelled by law, meaning that a judge issues a subpoena or some other court order that requires us to do so. What does this mean to you? It means that you absolutely shouldn’t send something from to someone who may sue us to determine your identity. Just so you know in the history of this company, we’ve never been compelled to give up someone’s identity and we’d be super surprised if we’d ever had to. 

Your credit card info is protected. We don’t work for free, which means if you want something on, you’ll have to pay for it. This also means that you’re going to have to share your credit card or PayPal info with us. Don’t worry though because the payment processing service that we use is super secure and our website is also secured.

Your personal information is protected and we don’t resell. Don’t you hate it when you buy something or give your information to a website and all of the sudden ten perfect strangers (companies) have your info. Well if that happens to you, you can’t blame us because we don’t share or sell any of the personal information you provide us.

Also, just so you can’t say that we didn’t warn you, we do use a third party payment processing software to complete orders, because honestly, we can’t do everything ourselves.  That third party software uses cookies or other tracking technology to make your user experience better. If you don’t want them or anyone else cookie-ing your online identity, then you should enable that feature on your computer. 

General Crap:

Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights. We worked really hard on this website and our products and we think they are pretty dope and hilarious, but they are ours. Don’t steal them, modify them, or replicate them because that would not be cool, and if you do we will sue the crap out of you.

What are you allowed to do? You’re allowed to buy and love our products. If you have ideas on new products or things you’d like to see or just want to say “hey!”, tweet us (@bagofdickscom) or email us (

What are you not allowed to do? This is probably the most important rule that we have, so pay attention. is supposed to be funny and while we are cool with you sending one of our products to someone anonymously, if we think that you’re trying to bully or harass someone based on the message that you want us to send with the product, we reserve the right to refund your money and not send the product.  That’s right, we get to use our moral compass to deny your request. Full discklosure – in the history of the company, we’ve only had to deny an order a handful of times, because almost all of our customers are cool, but again – we have to let you know the rules.

You’re also not allowed to send President Trump a product from, and trust us – plenty of you have tried. President Trump is on the Will Not Send List because it’s pointless and you’d just be wasting your money and our time, plus he scares us. Do you really think that the Secret Service is going to let something from make its way to the President desk? No – it’s not happening, so let’s not even try.

Below is a list of people and places that simply won’t send a product to, so don’t try it:

  • Do Not Send List
  • President Trump
  • The White House
  • Capitol Building
  • The Supreme Court
  • Schools where kids 18 years old or younger go to (colleges and universities are ok)
  • Kids 18 years or younger
  • Anyone who opted out

Our Virtual Bag Of Dicks 

In case you haven’t spent the time admiring all of the products that we offer on, there’s something that we sell call the Virtual Bag Of Dicks and it’s basically an SMS Bag of Dicks. It’s hilarious! If you buy a Virtual Bag Of Dicks, you need to provide us the phone number of the person we need to text it to and you need understand that by ordering one of these and by giving us the recipient’s phone number, you’re giving us permission to communicate with them. Even though the SMS is coming from us, we’re sending it on your behalf and it’s being sent for a personal, non-commercial reason (meaning we’re not asking the recipient to buy anything or to do something to make money off of them because you already paid us). This is important to include here in order to comply with TCPA and CAN-SPAM. 

You also understand that if they are mad about being charged for that text message that you should probably do the right thing and pony up the money to pay them back.