Bag Of Dicks - Candy Dicks From The Original

Bag Of Dicks - Candy Dicks From The Original

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Send A Tasty Bag Of Dicks - With A Custom Note For Just $9.99 Including Shipping! 

For $9.99 you can anonymously send a total Mind-F%#@ of a prank with our delicious candy dicks. Check out the pictures and see for yourself why our Bag Of Dicks have gone viral! The recipient will think they're getting some nice fancy gift from some kind of a jewlery store, but instead inside are candy dicks!! It's an amazing prank!! Be sure to look at all of the pictures!

Shipping within the United States, Canada & UK. If you want this to be 100% anonymous it is up to you. No one will ever know you sent the bag of dicks, unless you tell them yourself!

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