New & Improved Bag Of Dicks - Candy Dicks Prank -

New & Improved Bag Of Dicks - Candy Dicks Prank -

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We've taken the Infamous Bag Of Dicks Prank and Made It Better! 

Brand new for 2022, the infamous Bag Of Dicks prank now includes our hilarious koozie, our new custom luxury box, full color candy bag, improved packaging materials and even a hologram security seal on the box that the Bag Of Dicks is inside. In other words, this legendary prank just got so much better! 

Our Bag Of Dicks pranks have always come disguised as a gift from a high end jewelry store. When someone receives a BOD in the mail they're expecting a really high end gift from a fancy jewelry store. In fact the shipping label even says Beutel Oberst and Dickmann, which if you Google that, you'll find the website for our fictitious jewelry store.

This prank is so convincing we get hundreds of voicemails each month from people calling the phone number to our fictitious jewelry store 888-997-6502.  

Shipping within the United States and Canada.

If you want this to be 100% anonymous it is up to you. No one will ever know you sent the bag of dicks, unless you tell them yourself!

You must be 18 years or older to purchase this product and you may not send any product from this website to someone who is under 18 years old.


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