Dickie Dollars "How to Groupon"

Welcome Groupon Customers!

Thank you for purchasing a Dickie Dollars eCard which is a gift card that can be used to purchase anything from the official BagOfDicks.com store. 

Bellow are steps to receive your Dickie Dollars eCard. Please follow them closely. 

  1. Your Groupon code for $20 or more is to be used for obtaining the gift card only, located here. That page is where you can select your gift card amount. Then add it to your cart. 
  2. Click purchase and start the check out process. Use the promo code provided by Groupon in the checkout for the Dickie Dollars Gift Card.
  3. Once you've purchased the eCard you will receive a new code which can be used on anything in our store.
Your email will now hold the balance of your Dickie Dollars account until it is completely spent.