Bag Of Dicks 2022 Award Winner - Customized Tee Shirt

Bag Of Dicks 2022 Award Winner - Customized Tee Shirt

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We've taken the Bag Of Dicks prank, and we've brought it to the next level. Imagine being able to send someone a T-Shirt that has their own face on it letting them known that they've been inducted into the Bag Of Dicks Hall of Fame, achieving the status of '2022 Official Bag Of Dicks Award Winner'.

Our Candy Dicks, Singing Dicks, and our Evil Bag Of Dicks are, awesome. This prank is quite possibly even better. Candy dicks get eaten, but priceless custom shirts can last a lifetime! 

Please use a high resolution photo. Also please note that if the preview image looks incorrect don't worry, we manually retouch all images to make sure they're placed properly and formatted for optimal printing. 

It can take approximately 1 week for your shirt to be printed and mailed off. Any questions, please email us at

Photo Requirements:

  • Size Minimum: 1000 x 1000 pixels. 
  • Size Maximum: 5000 x 5000 pixels.
  • File Size Limit: 25MB.