Bag Of Dicks 16oz Cup - Gag Gift - Perfect For Beer Pong

Bag Of Dicks 16oz Cup - Gag Gift - Perfect For Beer Pong

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Hilarious 16 Oz -Stadium Cup

It's the perfect way to make beer pong even more fun, or BBQ's with your really conservative Aunt suuuuper uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry, but all of the rest of our glassware got...uh... broken. You could always drink water out of a bowl if you can't bring yourself to use that cup." 

Seriously though this thing is hilarious, for sure a great way to make your friends laugh the next time you're chilling watching the game, or better yet, playing beer-pong. For reals though, this takes BPong to the whole next level. Like Nintendo PowerGlove next level. (Bing that shit) 

Attention Fraternities & Sorrorities: Nothing says "I'm going to humiliate you with phallic innuendo, but not cross the line too much so we lose our chapter, again" like a 16oz stadium cup with a screaming Blue Dickie on one side, and an excited Blue Dickie on the other. 

These make for great Snaps and Instas, trust us! 

Oh, and of course, these are not only BPA Free, in case you care about that, you should, but these are also 100% MADE IN MERICA. (As in America)

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